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Adjusting to Demographic Shifts in the Religious Environment

This is a question primarily for baãlei teshuba and gerim: have you been in a situation where the religious demographics of your community has changed such that the traditions you received from your teachers are no longer those in the community? If so, how have you dealt with it?

The local Sephardic community where I am has undergone a major shift such that the community is now more or less Yerushalmi, and there’s virtually no one left who follows the customs of the Megorashim (I’m one of the exceptions). Given that I already have to “re-teach” my children (daughter gets an Ashkenazi-centric education at the local MO school, son is in a non-Jewish private school for other reasons), it feels almost like wasted effort to pass on what was given to me when it doesn’t really exist anymore in our community. Conversely, it feels like I’d be betraying my teachers were I to not pass on what was given to me.

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