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Activities/Readings for a potential convert in quarantine?

Hi y’all. I won’t get too into detail about it here, but I am considering conversion to Judaism, and have been for a while. When I met with the Rabbi on my college campus a few weeks ago, they told me to avoid intensive study or reading (as I’d already sort of done) and instead seek to “wade into the community” to see if it’s for me. As such, I started attending Shabbat services at a local synagogue, which I ended up really enjoying. But I only got to go for two weeks before the whole Corona stuff began, and things got quarantined.

So, without wanting to stick this whole journey of faith on “hold,” I wanted to ask – what are some things you’d advise a potential convert to do during this time, to both foster my faith in God and figure out if Judaism is for me? Any practices I can do on my own? Any books you’d recommend I read? I thought about diving into the Talmud, but other threads here seemed to advise against that. I’ve been reading the Torah. Anyway, any help would be appreciated! Much thanks!

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