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Action Item: Vote for Eden Golan in Eurovision (anyone can vote)

So much antisemitism that it feels like we can’t do anything about. But here is a concrete action item we can all do. All you need is the internet, 99¢, a credit card, and 20 mins. Anyone can, even if you don’t live in Europe!

Eden Golan is the Israeli contestant in Eurovision. 10,000 people protested outside her hotel room (led by Greta f*cking Thunberg). She’s been booed. Her security team doesn’t let her leave her hotel room. And through it all, she’s had the most incredible composure.

She herself was certain she was not going to advance to the finals. Well, she did. And she’s even got a real shot, she’s rated third to win.

If you want to do something, vote for her. What a message this would send to the raving loons, upset about one Jew singing in their city. And, the contest has to come to winner’s country the next year, imagine what that would be like.

All voters: use this website. For non-Europeans: you can vote today, Friday May 10, starting at 6pm ET/ 5CT/ 3PT, and you will need to watch clips of each country. Europeans need to wait until the live performance starts at 9pm Central European Time tomorrow, and can also vote via phone.

You can cast up to 20 votes, and each vote costs 99¢.

Send them a message! Vote for Israel! And, you know, her song is pretty good too. It’s a 10/7 memorial.

Edit: fixed time when live finals start, it’s 9pm Central European Time.

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