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Abraham wasn’t allowed to enter The Promised Land, but he spent 40 years walking in it. Why is that? And why did Israel never owned the entirety of The Promised Land, only a little fraction during the times of the Israel-Judah-Split?

I and my buddy from America were talking about the Torah, almost daily, and he brought up that point after studying.

You see the questions. Why is that?

If I recall correctly the 40 years were because the spies did not fully believe the Father. I think in Genesis 12:7 it is “revealed” that Abraham won’t enter it, but only his descendants. I definitely should take a serious reread to maybe find something, I can’t recall many things, because I cannot recall if Abraham was on a boulder or something and took a look at The Promised Land while talking to the Father, before he died. The Promised Land was quite big and he was walking 40 years around it, by my guess he may have even visited every inch of it.

And the 2nd question is about the size of The Promised Land. Why Israel never owned the entire land like in the first pic? Such discrepancies bug me seriously to no end. I am very negative towards interpretations and theories, but in a hand full of corns, there might be some who are true or lead to the truth. Thanks in advance.

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