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About Mashiach ben Yosef – is there any official Jewish documentation that elaborates on the "gates" or "portals" which are said to be opened for Mashiach? Please share direct references & links. Thanks!

In my humble opinion, I believe that the gates and portals more certainly identify to the gates of hell, the gates to Tohu, the other 4 worlds.

As such, it’s interesting to read The Book of Sitra Achra – because it refers to the battle/war between the light and dark, its origins, and refers to the ingathering of the exiles. Be duly warned because it does also refer to the satanic rituals, keys, etc…. you don’t want to get caught up in that part.

It also makes sense

It also makes sense that these “gates” or “portals” are to Tohu in that Creation: Hidden and Revealed, elaborates that Tohu is located by the breached north side of the world and “tzafanta”‘s root word is “north” or ‘tzafon’. Thus “How great is the good that You have hidden away for those who fear You” (Ps 31:20). The article also elaborates that Gehinom and Gan Eden are opposites – but one.

Likewise, as Mashiach ben Yosef is seen to be risen from the north, so too does he represent the qualities of Isaac and Gevura. Characteristic of the qualities of gevura and Isaac, so too is the connection made to the north as gevurah and Isaac representative of the North, the left. Similarly, as Isaac embodies gevurah, he also embodies the element of fire of the world.

More could be said – but this makes even more sense when considering Tanya and the ability for a non-tzadik to surpass the level of reward of even a lifetime tzadik by turning all sin/evil into a mitzvah or by facilitating a means of darkness to serve light – so to say, metaphorically.

It is also logical with regards to the three-fold mission of Mashiach ben Yosef to “remove the unclean spirit from the land” since he would obviously have to know how, how to explain it, and which itself identifies to another part of his mission “revelation of the mysteries in the Torah.”

Thus, this experience with the gates of Tohu and Qelipot facilitate the process of ingathering the exiles, learning the deep secrets of Torah (by a means I will not explain), and learning the process by which one may remove the unclean spirit from the land.

It also makes sense in its reference to “hidden things” and “darkness;” especially Amos 5:20 “(Is) not the day of the LORD darkness, and not light? even very dark, and no brightness in it?”

There is also a correlation between Daniel 8:5-7 and the he-goat which identifies to Mashiach ben Yosef – just as the Ram corresponds with Nebuchadnezzar. And this correlation identifies that Mashiach would therefore come from the “west across the whole earth,” which (in other ways unnecessary to explain here) corresponds with Isaiah 41:3 “He pursued them and passed on safely, on a path upon which he had not come with his feet” in a way which corresponds to the intentional ‘discrepancy’ located between Ezekiel 37:16 & 37:19, which is v.16 claiming the Stick of Efrayim is for Yosef (who should therefore hold it in possession) and the latter v. 19’s rather different wording suggesting that the Stick of Yosef is being held by Efrayim which suggests that Efrayim took possession. But then later, Efrayim is sequentially joined back to Yosef, and Judah, and one in the hand of the son of man.

As I had addressed in one of my other posts, Efrayim is suggested to have descended to Great Britain; and from there, America. As Daniel 8 says the he-goat would come from West to East, it also says in Isaiah 41:3 “He pursued them and passed on safely, on a path upon which he had not come with his feet.” Therefore the person could go by boat or plane. However, in this process, he would have to touch at an intermediary point, as corroborated by Rashi’s clarification where he describes this as if “skipping” along the earth, meaning to touch down somewhere between the point of departure and destination. Among various persons that Mashiach would know of, approach, but pass safely by, the one involving an intermediary touchdown from the West (America) to the East (Israel) could seem to represent Great Britain in several ways and by several, specific, rationales. But such could involve offending people and is irrelevant to the intent of this discussion. Likewise, Britain is even further north than America and is the home to several of its own mystical experiences while also corresponding to specific prophecies manifesting rather negative connotations to “a” Monarchy.

Therefore, does anything exist in preceding Jewish doctrine which addresses this?

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