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A wonderful synagogue experience today

The past few months have been challenging, finding a mass that could have been deadly, dealing with the stages of grief, diagnoses, and major surgery less than a month ago. Thank g-d I’m “cured” (according to the doctor), though I’m still healing.

Today we had a special Shabbat, where we celebrated my oldest son’s confirmation and hosted a “pride Shabbat” with an insightful, warm-hearted, and funny talk from a congregant, followed by a congressional lunch to celebrate the pride event.

Shortly after we arrived, the congregant who was acting as gabbai asked me if I would like to say Gomel and offered me an aliyah (immediately before my son’s confirmation aliyah). I knew I wanted to say it at some point, but my limited religious upbringing didn’t prepare me for when would be appropriate, and I hadn’t yet reached out to the rabbi to ask about it. The gabbai just knew it was something to ask, and after my Aliyah, the rabbi described Gomel for the congregation adeptly without revealing anything private about my situation (joking that, perhaps, I was recently released from prison). He then described why we were celebrating my son after his Aliyah, which was beautiful as well.

The entire experience was amazingly uplifting. I’m so thankful for our community, both small (our congregation) and large (Jews everywhere).

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