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A weird experience I had with Olami

I recently signed up with Olami for a “soul coach“ and had a very strange experience. I had my first phone call last week and my “coach” asked me my whole life story. I’ve been thru plenty of trauma (mental, emotional, physical, etc.) and didn’t want to talk about it in great detail but the coach pressed and pressed until I gave in. When I was baring my soul, this “coach” began to almost mock me with “why would that person do that?” “why would you let that happen?” “why why why?”. I found it almost like victim shaming. I thought maybe I was being sensitive so thought I’d give another session a try.

Yesterday, I had my second “coaching session” and this coach began asking me if what I experienced actually happened, that she’s believes ”99.9% of the world is good” and she can’t believe I’ve had such hardships in my life. That maybe I have “poor communication skills”.
again, she was mocking and very judgemental.

im sort of worried about what will happen to the data/personal information I confided in her as I never consented to my data being shared in their program. I’m honestly so lost in life and I really thought this would help me but I almost feel taken advantage of.

im wondering, has anyone had a similar experience? Am I crazy or is this just how people in Olami speak/treat fellow Jews? To be basically victim shamed and passive aggressively called a liar has just left me feeling even more lost then before.

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