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A stranger said Happy Hanukkah to me today

Today after Shul I took my kids to the grocery store to get some snacks and they were still wearing their kippahs. When I realized they still had them on I’m ashamed to admit that I had a wave of fear come over me. I hurried us to the checkout and tried not to make eye contact with anyone, just keep my head down, check out and go. I live in a very liberal state that has had a few antisemetic incidents. (Off topic, but I actually moved here from a conservative state because I was once myself on the Left, however that has all changed since Oct 7 and the response of people I once considered friends. I am now politically homeless.) Back to my story, I’m checking out as quickly as I can when an older woman approaches my children and smiles at me and says “Happy Hanukkah”. This small act of kindness really made my day. Not everyone is against us. There is still hope. This kind woman was a reminder to me of what Hanukkah is all about, that even in darkness there is light that shines through.

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