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A strange request…

Hello. This is a weird question but I thought I’d try to reach out.

First, I want to say that I was raised Christian and then I left the religion. As I am right now, I don’t really belong to any particular religion or practice.

That being said, I would like to create a story about angelology and The Bible in the Jewish perspective.

I’ve recently gotten into esotericism (or just learning about the history and philosophies about different religions) and as somebody who was raised Christian, I found learning how the religion grew is super interesting and genuinely enlightening.

But I also love learning about angelology and demonology and now I’m trying to write an original story about it. EDIT: And theology as a whole too.

I’ve been studying little by little, about “finite”, “infinite”, how there’s no “fallen angels” or “original sin” (if I understand it correctly). Basically, everything I thought about angels and demons before has been turned on its head. But I would like more resources if possible.

My story does lean heavily on the idea of consequences and choice, with the conflict being that people love to, I suppose, be “more” than they really are or… basically the Christian idea of asking for forgiveness = being able to go to heaven, no forgiveness = hell and other stuff around that nature. And how it actually just creates a vicious cycle or maybe gives people a sense of false hope. Leading them onto an idea that isn’t guaranteed. Or something like that.

I’m trying to make sense of it because I’m new to all of this and philosophy as a whole but if there are any resources that can help me, I’d love to know. Even just for my own curiosity about the subject because I do love learning about it.

I probably threw a bunch of words at you and I apologize. There’s a lot of information and I’m trying to figure out which info comes from which source so I apologize for my ignorance.

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