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A special thank you

Hello all,

I just wanted to stop by and thank everybody for rallying around me during a particularly sensitive yet special time in my life. My daughter was born healthy and happy on Jan. 27th, 2023, 20 in 7 lbs, 14 oz. Her Hebrew name is Malka after her late grandmother. I think that mitzvah and ultimately this subreddit really embodies the spirit of the Jewish community and how when one Jew is in trouble we step up to the plate to be there for one another, no questions asked. It made me really proud to be a part of this community and gave me so much peace of mind. Today is my Western birthday and according to the Chabad website it is also my Hebrew birthday. Although I am not orthodox it is my understanding that this is a day filled with a lot of Mazel and because of this I would love to pay it forward and do a prayer for anybody in need or anybody who just needs some extra Jewish sparkle. DM me with any requests and I’d be happy to pray for you and again, your aid in my time of crisis was beyond kind and I am so grateful, thank you.

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