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A secular Jew wanting to learn more about prayers.

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing great and everything is working out for you!

I am a secular Jew, who grew all of his life in this way of living, and my family does so too. I am also Israeli, so I speak Hebrew as my native language.

Recently, I have been getting feeling about my religion that I have never felt before, some feelings about connecting into my nation more, and my religion, even though I have never experienced it.

As I mentioned before, I am secular, and I am also a teen. Lately, I have been interested in making prayers, like “Shaharit”. The problem is that I cant go to a synagogue, or that I don’t have any community to rely into. I wanted to started learning the prayer by the Ashkenazi way, but whenever I found an explanation, it was either unclear, or different from the one I found before, so as the current time, I am really confused on how to make it. Should I just read facing Jerusalem? standing? sitting? doing something else? I feel lost, and this is my last resort, I would really appreciate an answer, and I hope that you all will have a great weekend (:

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