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"A Saturday Night Seder" on You Tube was so adorable!! I highly recommend!

Rachel Brosnahan is also not a Jew, but she plays one on TV. Just as Mrs. Maisel might do, Brosnahan found the bright side of having to film her contribution from home.

In the song she will sing for the show, she tells people not to worry if this year they lack the foods typically placed on a Seder plate.

As Brosnahan practiced the lyrics — “If you’re out of greens and table salt, well, don’t you fret my dears. Just use a stick of celery to wipe away your tears” — she burst with an idea of her own.

“I have a stick of celery!” she told the producers and bound into her kitchen to fetch it. On the next take, she brushed the stalk across her face as if to dry a tear, and punctuated the end of her line with a crunchy bite.”

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