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A reminder that people used "your mom" insults even in the times of the Tanakh and the Talmud. I would discourage people from using them, but it is interesting nonetheless.


And it was when Jehoram saw Jehu, that he said, “Is there peace, Jehu?” And he said, “What peace is there with the harlotries of Jezebel your mother and her numerous sorceries?”

2 Melakhim 9:22


There was an incident with regard to a certain man who was reading the haftara in the presence of Rabbi Eliezer, and he read the section of: “Make known to Jerusalem her abominations.” Rabbi Eliezer said to him: Before you examine the abominations of Jerusalem, go and examine the abominations of your own mother. The Gemara relates that they examined his lineage and found him to have a stain of illegitimacy. His mother had engaged in illicit sexual relations, and therefore he was of questionable lineage.

Megillah 25b:9

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