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A question regarding the inner life of the Torah observant, both the FFB and the BTs: HOW COOL IS THAT? [non-rhetorically]

Different religions make various claims regarding how accepting their system will positively effect your life, temporal or eternal.

I’m interested to hear from people who are either observant from birth, or who came to faith and rigorous Torah observance later in life, how are you, like… in your heart? When you pray, do you feel a profound peace and connection to Hashem sometimes? When you’re walking around/ at work/ just living your life do you sometimes experience a joyful transport to cosmic realms of connection to the divine?

I know “feelings” aren’t the point of the whole thing. But as a random dude, even I have to admit to having some crazy wonderful feelings when reading Torah, so I have to wonder: what is life is like for people who spend their lives immersed in it and it’s prescribed activities.

I know this is probably kind of personal but help a brother out here!

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