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A question for you Orthodox Litvaks – what does ‘spiritual experience’ mean to you?

Would like to know what people think about the following statement I found from an Orthodox Rabbi

The Torah, in essence, is a book of downloaded spiritual wisdom, channeled by prophets in ecstatic spiritual states, intended to teach us all how to live life as a constant spiritual experience. Thus it becomes highly problematic when many Torah teachers & leaders have no personal experience with accessing spiritual experience at all. This leaves them lacking authentic awareness of the very essence they’re supposed to convey. One can only teach connection to the Divine to the degree that one personally experiences the Divine. Otherwise the Torah one teaches will always be some form of compromise or distortion.
I sincerely believe, without hyperbole, that this is the source of most of the challenges the Torah world faces today.

Something does not sit right with me at all about this, but I can’t really explain it. What do you think? I saw a lot of comments already from people who already agree with this statement, but I’d like to hear the other side.

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