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A question about Judaism and Jesus

I only say these things as a means to learn more about our history in humanity and what will come to us all, so please help me understand the difference between some things.

I read this about Judaism:

A very important concept in Judaism is that of the Messiah. Originally the Jews believed that God would send a powerful messenger (the Messiah) who would deliver Israel from her oppressors and usher in a reign of peace and prosperity. Today many Jews no longer hold to a personal messiah, but hope for a messianic age of justice and truth. For the Jews the coming of the Messiah or the messianic age still lies in the future. (

When I read this.. I think of Judaism and Jesus as both being right. Everything the Jewish people are saying is true, and the message of Jesus (and what he is) can be true together. Would it be possible that we have now come into understanding a world of complete love between all of humanity?

That the ushering of peace and prosperity, as limited beings, our eyes have been opened to through pure love, which allows us access to live in that reality? That is, when we all act and consciously choose to BE (not act or behave, to literally BE) Love and Unity.

That it can become our conscious choice to create this world in unity now?

What if both are right? Our message has been given AND it is still in the process of being completed? That we are ALL meant to rise as Children of God. And with Unity of All, our prophesies of this generation can be completed as we usher into the next one.

I don’t know.. just some food for thought. I wish for love and unity towards all.

Thank you for any knowledge shared. I would like to hear opinions and learn all I can!

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