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A Question About Golem From A Christian

Hello everyone,

I apologize if this is the incorrect place to ask this question. I was raised as a Christian (I am currently questioning my faith but that is a separate discussion.). The understanding of Christianity that was given to me was that the Jewish law was absolute but to quote the common phrase in Christianity, “All men fall short of the grace of God.” I have no interest in debating religion as I’m frankly not sure what I believe myself. In any event, the logical extension of this belief is that Judaism and the Jewish folklore are to be respected.

My question relates to the story of the golem and how it relates to what my father told me when I was young. The story that was given to me by my father was that a rabbi created a golem which would perform some sort of manual labor (I do not remember the exact task, but it was a difficult job like moving firewood or digging soil). The golem performed this duty and did so very efficiently. Eventually, because the golem was made to perform the duty without any other considerations, it ended up harming the rabbi’s son in the course of its duties. The rabbi struggled to control the golem and was almost killed by it though the same method that harmed his son before he was able to erase the character on the golem’s forehead and change the word for truth to the Hebrew word for death.

From what I have seen, this is not how the original story of the golem is told. My question is whether the story given to me has any basis in the classical folklore or if my father was speaking out of his ass. Once again I apologize if this is an incorrect place to ask and would request that you point me towards a better sub for this question.

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