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A question about Balkan Jewish community

A question about Balkan Jewish community


I’m from a town in South Serbia (Niš**)** and we used to have a decent Jewish presence before WWII. I also know that nearby cities of Sofia (BG), Skopje (NMKD) and Thessaloniki (GR) had strong Jewish community as well. I managed to find this regarding their story but I’d like to know more since as I’m getting older I start noticing an influence on our music and culture which still lingers a bit (mind you that’s basically my impression from listening to Sephardic music).

I wanted to ask if you could point me in the right direction and help me find out more about them and their music and culture. Thanks and all the best!

Here are some photos of the old Synagogue from 1925:

In memory of and with respect to the 360 killed and tragically lost Jewish citizens of Niš during WWII. This was their temple. The Synagog was built in 1925. (Year 2008, Citizens of Niš)

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