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A potentially stupid wedding question

Hi all, so I’m a fairly new Jew and I’m kind of embarrassed to ask my rabbi about this for some reason.

I’m recently converted and getting married next year (by a rabbi). However, my younger sister (not Jewish, obvs) has preemptively asked me to officiate HER wedding when we were discussing my wedding.

She’s not xtian, she’s more of a California hippie spiritualist type (crystals, tarot cards, etc) so it wouldn’t be a religious ceremony.

I was honored and answered yes right off the bat, but then I realized that getting officiated online usually means registering with some niche church. If it’s one of those “in-name-only” churches that exist only online to ordain wedding officiants, is that acceptable to do as a Jew for a non-Jewish wedding? Just curious. Not orthodox btw

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