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A new Jewish-majority region in rural Wyoming (or maybe somewhere else in America)?

I want to preface this by saying that this notion is not necessarily something to take seriously.

As we all know, antisemitism is on a dramatic rise here in the United States and abroad. Many of us fear for our safety and the safety of our homes, businesses, and synagogues. We already have a Jewish state in Israel (and thank God for that), but for many Americans making aliyah is too challenging a prospect because it requires embracing an entirely new language and culture very different from what we have become used to in the United States and elsewhere in the global West. I know this is an ironic concept since the thought of a Jewish state in America was thrown out by the early Zionist movement. Now that Israel is well established, though, I don’t think it’s too ridiculous an idea since it would be in addition to Israel rather than instead of it.

In America, there is an enormous amount of untouched and eminently inhabitable land. The least populated state is Wyoming, but realistically this idea could be implemented in any large low-density region in the United States. Loving County, Texas, for example, is not very highly populated, but could realistically only fit one large city. We could, collectively, simply decide to move there and begin developing small towns and communities, much like the early immigrants to Israel began by establishing kibbutzim. Eventually, we could grow our community into beautiful metropolises dotting the countryside and dozens of smaller communities, all with a Jewish majority and all safe spaces for our people.

You may wonder about the difficulty of immigrating and establishing a majority in an already inhabited land; after all, this hasn’t been going so well for us in Israel. It would be different in America as we would not have to fight even a single person for our right to live there or establish a new government over any stretch of land; we would simply remain integrated into the local state and county government and follow American law.

“But what about preserving the natural world?” I hear you ask. “We don’t want to disrupt pristine ecosystems by creating new developments!” And of course, you’re right. But with modern technology and an innovative mindset, we can develop infrastructure that maximizes sustainability and minimizes environmental impact such as rail, wildlife crossings and raised highways, greenhouse agriculture, and more. Eventually, we could even reintroduce wildlife that has been wiped out from much of America and create a region well-known for its pristine environment.

Thanks for taking a journey through my thoughts on this! I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas and critiques (even the negative ones)!

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