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A musical question about HH trope (Avery/Binder)

I taught myself Torah cantillation a number of years ago using Portnoy and Wolff’s wonderful book The Art of Torah Cantillation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Chanting Torah and am now a regular Torah reader in my chavurah. This year for the first time I will be reading Torah on Rosh Hashana, which entails mastering a new trope. An appendix at the back of the book has musical scores of the most common trope sequences, so I have been practicing with my piano. The book teaches the Avery/Binder cantillation system.

I was getting along swimmingly until I tackled the munach-munach-r’vi’i sequence in Genesis 22:12 (ki ata yadati). According to the appendix, the first munach is supposed to dip down from a D to a B and back up. To my ears the B sounds incredibly discordant in context.

Since I’m the only person in my chavurah who uses the Avery/Binder system, and we don’t have a rabbi, I’m hoping I can find a knowledgeable person on this sub to confirm or correct this specific trope melody.

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