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A Message From An Egyptian That Has Never Met A Jew In His Entire Lifetime Until Now: Toda For All Of You! You Gave Me New Eyes!

Dear my newly met Jewish friends, brothers and sisters,

First i wish you had Happy Sabbath!

Some information about me:

  • I am an Egyptian
  • I speak 4 languages
  • I am a very curious person
  • I have never met a Jew in real life, not even online, i am new to Reddit and I thought what could go wrong? Let me ask (The imaginary enemy if they are really an enemy?)
  • I was expecting hate speech and making fun of me, calling me ignorant, stupid … etc.
  • Instead i got an insanely nice and informative responses and awards! I got touched so much by how you replied!
  • I was mind blown by how much replies i got from all of you! I have just spoken to like 250 Friendly Jew! 99% of Egyptians will die without even speaking with one! (I wish we can change that) And we are neighbors! (It’s like living in the Texas for 70 years, not eating tacos or seeing any Mexicans or anything Mexican at all)
  • This is not my real account
  • I am not going to provide any information about myself why? Because I am scared and because there is no heroism in dying.
  • In Egypt, people get kidnapped, killed, and their family disappears just because you said something the government doesn’t like to hear.
  • I won’t be able to learn if i am in a body bag (They don’t even provide this after the death penalty)

I have been educated more from all your replies, about how deeply we are given wrong information deliberately in Egypt.

As stupid as it may sound i am very sorry for what your ancestors lived here in Egypt, thousands of years ago! (We read about it in Quran all the time and we are on Moses side! but somehow we are not now?) And I am very sorry for what some of you lived here in the 50s. No one should ever be treated in this way.

I want to ask more questions, trying to learn more, not in a creepy way, I just really want to learn and clear my mind and everyones mind of how wrong we got you for a millennia. ( I promise to research before asking)

Maybe in that way we can illuminate the darkness in the brains, let people love and be loved, teach and be known, maybe we can reduce the racism, antisemitism, death and horrors by even 1% (This would be huge as 1% of millions is thousands of people life changed!)

Toda For all of you for listening, sharing and answering.

May you have a happy weekend and a blessed week ahead.

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