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A Maimonides Reader by Isador Twersky – HELP!

Hi everyone! I know this is going to sound like a weird request but please hear me out.

I have to read some pages of Maimonides for my homework, but I decided to by the kindle version of A Maimonides Reader by Isador Twersky instead of a physical copy. Kindle only has location numbers and not page numbers…

SO I was wondering, if anyone has the book if you could give me like, the first sentence our couple of words of page 326 and the last sentence or words of 327, and the same for 361and 386 just so I can get my bearings so I can do the reading, that would be AMAZING!

I tried reaching out to other classmates but no one is getting back to me and I’m too sick to leave my place to be in public spaces. I’ve also tried every which way to calculate the page number from location number for the last 2 hours with no lucj.


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