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A Haunted House story set in a newly built home likely intended for an Orthodox family in an Jewish neighborhood in Toronto. Did this really happen? It’s not a Jewish story per se, but there are Jewish elements. Submitting this be because I wonder how Orthodox Jews understand and deal with this?

I ran across an episode of the Otherworld podcast that helped me through traffic. This is part 1 of at least 4 parts, but possibly quite longer.

The story is compelling to listen to, having never heard of the podcast before I don’t know if this is a stage play, or supposed to be events from real life.

If it helps, PG Vogt recommended this.

I am submitting this here because there are certain Jewish elements to the story, and while I know of the Golem, the Dybbuk and even our opening the door to Elijah, I don’t know how Orthodox Jews (or any branch) would really deal with reports of a Haunted House. I am curious, what would happen if one tells the rabbi of the ghost upstairs?

I have no affiliation with the podcast or any of these people.


Otherworld tells real stories of people who have experienced something paranormal or unexplainable. Host Jack Wagner takes an open minded and journalistic approach to the subject matter and aims to uncover some of the biggest mysteries of the world and how people react to it.

Episode 54: Many Things pt 1

Sarah and her husband, Cameron, buy a house that seems too good to be true. After moving in, strange flooding and electrical issues begin to occur. They hear footsteps coming up the stairs that they can’t explain. Then, a concerned neighbor calls them over and asks if they have experienced anything unusual. He informs them that the house has been vacant for 8 years and, according to Jewish folklore, places abandoned for that long are susceptible to being inhabited by Dybbuks or malevolent spirits.

This is the first episode of a series about this house, the entities that inhabit it, and a series of increasingly disturbing incidents that lead to something latching onto Sarah and attempting to take control.

Episode 55: Many Things pt 2

After performing a seance in their new home, the paranormal activity in Sarah’s home escalates and she begins experiencing more physical and personal attacks. Once she tells her family about what has been going on, they try and find someone to help get rid of whatever is wreaking havoc on her life.

Episode 56: Many Things pt 3

In part 3 of Many Things, Sarah’s husband Cameron tells his version of events from the perceived safety of his garage. He shares the things he experienced himself and the terrifying changes he witnessed in Sarah throughout their ordeal. It’s worth noting that Cameron recorded this outside in the middle of a Canadian winter while wearing a big coat, drinking Busch Light beers and smoking cigs the entire time. The full interview went for hours I am honestly shocked he stuck it out in the cold for so long.

There’s another episode posted at the spotify link where future episodes will also appear, they seem to be coming out every couple of days. I’m at the start of episode 2.

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