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A halachic question themed around quarantine

Dear Rabbis, or other knowledgeable members of this subreddit…

Unfortunately, during these times it won’t be possible to have a Seder with the whole extended family for obvious reasons, so it will just be my parents, my siblings and myself at the Seder in three weeks.

I’m the only religious person in my family. I decided to become religious after my bar mitzvah. (I am orthodox.) None of my siblings, parents or grandparents observe much more than Kashrut, Yom Kippur and sometimes going to shul Shabbat day. My parents have generally been supportive of my change but sometimes they use the words of the Torah against me, pressuring me to break the mitzvot. Here is one such issue that occured at dinner tonight:

As we cannot include grandparents in our Seder, my parents want to facetime my them during it. They want to read the hagaddah together through facetime etc.

Of course, I am aware that facetiming breaks Shabbat and Yom Tov. My parents argue that “sometimes family is more important that the Torah”. I’m really not sure what to do, I’m looking for some guidance please.

I do not intend to come across as rude, but please note I am orthodox.

Many thanks.

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