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A friend of mine got this antisemitic phone call…

This is how he says the conversation went…

  • Me: Hello.

  • Caller: Hi is this ____?

  • Me: Yes.

  • Caller: Hi ____. You’re on the radio.

  • Me: Okay. I’m at work so I can’t talk for more than a minute or two.

  • Radio: That’s fine. This is a Christian radio show and we heard about your book.

  • Me: Which one?

  • Radio: Your animal one.

  • Me: Ok. I haven’t prepared any statement as I didn’t know I was getting this call.

  • Radio: It’s fine, we want to ask you a few questions on your animal book.

  • Me: Sure.

  • Radio: For starters, how does your book relate to the New Testament?

  • Me: It’s an animal ABC book meant for kids. Why does it have to relate to religion? It’s a general education book.

  • Radio: But aren’t you a religious Jew?

  • Me: Yes.

  • Radio: So aren’t you going to tell us how wrong we are about the New Testament?

  • Me: No. I’m not going to debate. Have a good day.

He hung up the phone with that. Who calls inquiring about a book only to try and extract a debate? They clearly didn’t care about the book, but only wanted a fight. This happened a few weeks ago and he doesn’t remember what radio station they said they were from.

This friend of mine published an animal alphabet book… WTH Christians?

The worst I’ve personally heard from Christian radio stations was an advertisement to “adopt a Jew” with your donation.

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