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A few questions regarding converting to Judasim (25F)

I am wanting to convert to Judasim and I have a Rabbi that I am working with currently, but I’ve found myself needing to ask some questions that I don’t want to ask aloud, for the fear of sounding dumb. Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  1. I would like to pick a hebrew name that starts with the Letter A, does anyone know of a list of nails that I can look through? If someones name is already of hebrew origin, do they have two names or is there hebrew name and birth name the same? (this is one of the questions that I feel entirely stupid asking out loud)
  2. I recently found out that my great grandma (on my moms side was jewish) but I cannot find any information from anyone else in my family regarding this (mainly because most of my family has died). Does that mean I could be Jewish already? Is there any additional research I should do into this OR should I continue with my converting process?
  3. Are individuals who convert to Judasim frowned upon by those who were born into Judasim? From your person experience? I hear no, but I dont know if I’m just being told that because that is what I want to hear.
  4. After completeing the converting process, would my children be considered Jewish from birth (if I chose to have any? as a convert?)

If you read all of this and are able to help AT ALL, I would greatly appreciate it! Any insight is helpful 🙂

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