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A few questions for someone speaking at an informal Jewish wedding

I am giving a speech/toast as the best man at a Jewish wedding and wanted to get a cultural check on some things I wanted to say. I want to apologise in advance if I am using any words incorrectly, this is why I am asking!

EDIT: For clarification one family is Jewish, one is not.

For context, the family aren’t strictly Jewish aren’t very observant (the ceremony and service isn’t in a synagogue), however they will still be saying their vows under the chuppah, breaking the glass. and dancing the horah.

So my first question is, I want to tell a story that the couple getting married are a little clumsy, and this wasn’t the first glass they have broken, and it won’t be the last – would it be appropriate to say ‘Mazel Tov’ again here during my speech?

My second is, should I say l’chaim at the end of a few of my toasts, e.g. Thank you to the bride and grooms parents, l’chaim. If I have a few toasts can I say l’chaim more than once?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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