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A death. A simcha. And a death

Today we buried my mother. December 1st we buried my father. Two weeks ago I got engaged to my Bashert that my mother and I had been Davening for.

My mother had a tremendously difficult life. She was born in a DP camp in Munich. Lost her father at 11 and her mother at 30. We grew up with her having regular nightmares hearing her parents screams.

13 years ago a routine hernia surgery left her in the ICU for 15 months with a a 2% chance of survival from the first Emegency surgery they needed to do to save her. It beat her up. Physically and emotionally.

Then she lost her best friend of 40 years. I can’t even put into words the love they shared. A week after my fathers passing, I might my now fiancé.

Things moved fast and mom was concerned. Then they met and they too fell in love. A day had not gone by since, including her last, the two of them didn’t speak

Our engagement brought out a happiness no one has seen from her in ages. She was making sure the whole town knew how special of a girl her baby met

Despise all of these challenges and chaos life threw her way, she had a remarkable skill. Somehow, when I needed her, to comfort me in times of some terrible darkness (even as an adult) she was able to push aside her problems. In order to make sure I felt safe.

I’m blessed- while she won’t physically make it to the wedding- we got to give her her flowers the last few weeks. She got to taste but she had been praying for for 15 years. I had the most lucid and old school BS sessions with her I never thought I’d see again.

Baruch Dayan Emet.

Scheina bat chaim Yosef.

Have a holy Shabbat and may we all soon be dancing in Jerusalem

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