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A confession, and an apology.

I’m not Jewish, I’m French and Catholic. I’m not very happy to share this with you but in light of the recent events I think maybe I should.

Between the ages of 22 to 25, I fell to antisemitism. I didn’t call it that, “antizionism” of course… The way it happened was on the Internet getting misled by false “intellectuals”. I feel quite ashamed that I fell for it.

The way they do it, I feel, is not by showing half of the problem. Like only the Palestinian perspective. They take the best 10% of Palestinian actions and compare them to the worst 10% of Israeli responses. So you really can’t help yourself but side with Palestinians.

The main thing that made me come back from this madness is a Jewish buddy who grabbed me by the arm one day, and said “we gotta talk I can’t let you do this”. He gave me wider perspectives and as easily as I got in that nonsense, I got out…

I don’t know if that helps. But know that not all the youth being antisemitic out there these days will remain like that, and the key is education and dialogue. It’s what did it for me.

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