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24M looking for my female soulmate

Toronto, 24, ready to meet my beautiful sweet girl

Male. I’m 24 years old, 6’1. I love watching my hometown sports and going to games too (Raptors, Jays, and Leafs, which is in order of teams I like the most to worst). I also love to play tennis, take walks, relax in nature by a lake. Also I like to watch movies (especially comedies), and I take a lot of pride in being Jewish, and I adhere to semi-Kosher lifestyle meaning not completely but avoiding pork, milk and meat, as well as observing many of the Jewish Holidays. I consider myself to be quite introverted, but kind and respectful, and funny and would be great to a woman as a partner ☺️ Looking for someone who checks off those boxes of things I like and value. Also looking for someone who is Conservative and who lives in Toronto and/or Canada. Age range b/w 21-26. Height 5”5-5”10. Nice build. No body additions ie piercings thanks

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