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24/7 work and observing Sabbath

A friend of my asked me if I had ideas for how to handle software service oncall work while observing Sabbath. He asked me, since I run a small business that does oncall scheduling for tech companies. I wrote some ideas about that last year, and as I was searching about even more ideas to give him a great answer, I ran into this old thread asking the same question: Workplace does not understand I don’t take calls on Shabbos? : r/Judaism (

So I figured I should share, to whomever it might be helpful, that there are ways that software service oncall teams can set things up to be Sabbath-friendly. I think that’s better than to ask the person/people who are observing Sabbath to go around asking for favors for others to cover the Sabbath parts of their shifts.

I have a question to those who have more experience and insights with observing Sabbath than I do: Do you have any thoughts about the approaches described here: Oncall Scheduler Blog post Schedule oncall for recurring conflicts like Sabbath?

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