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2 Samuel 24

Hi folks,

I am looking for some insight on 2 Samuel 24.

Sefaria translates it as follows:

The anger of the LORD again flared up against Israel; and He incited David against them, saying, “Go and number Israel and Judah.”

But we know from Chronicles 21 that the Chronicler attributes the words to Satan.

This leads me to a few questions, and I am hoping someone can help provide insight on any or all

  1. I do not understand Hebrew but, does the original Hebrew provide any nuance to the LORD “saying” this that isn’t captured in the English?

  2. If we are to understand that Satan said these things, are there other examples where the text suggests the words of the LORD are not specifically from Him?

  3. Am I totally misunderstanding the mechanics of how to conceptualize the LORD speaking to humans?

If the text had said “an angel of the LORD” I would have an easier time digesting it, but as I read it, it is quite challenging to understand how we should reconcile it with Chronicles 21 and haven’t found a commentary that I am fully grasping either.

Thank you in advance for any insights!

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