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19th c. cursive Hebrew text?

19th c. cursive Hebrew text?

First time posting here! I’m a researcher in the midst of looking at early 19th century sales records from St. Eustatius in the northeastern Caribbean. Sephardic Jews (mostly Portuguese) established themselves across St. Eustatius and Curacao from the mid 17th century as successful regional and transatlantic merchants, and many families served on island government councils. The U.S. also had Jewish consuls in the islands during this time, like Nathaniel Levy in St. Thomas during the 1820s-1830s. I have a sales record for a ship from 1821 sold to a resident of St. Eustatius that was notarized by an American consul, but he went so far in this case as to even draw the US coat of arms, along with E. PLURIBUS US UNUM, along with text above the motto. I don’t recognize the text, but my guess at this point is that it’s cursive Hebrew. Can anyone provide further details on this?

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