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1960 date with Dachau Concentration Camp Survivor

Hello all! I hope it’s okay I’m posting this. I’m not Jewish and this community was recommended to me to try to find someone.

Doctor Mark Blum, my 86-year-old college professor, has been teaching for 62 years. He is a Jew, and he teaches about the Holocaust.

In August or September 1960, he went on a date with a young woman who survived the Dachau concentration camp. In the camp, her right arm was so badly damaged that it was shrunken.

They went to see “Winter’s Tale” by Shakespeare. At the time, she lived only two miles from what was once the camp.

My professor remembers her as being about his age, probably born between 1936 and 1938. She was about 5’ 6,” with dark, shoulder length hair at the time.

He met her and dropped her off at a friends’ house: the Hafts. Mrs. Haft was the one that told him the young woman lived near Dachau still. Their date was in a theater in Munich called the Deutches Theater. He believes it opened in the 1890’s. It is still currently open.

Does anyone know of any aunt, grandma, great-grandma, who’s arm was damaged in the Dachau camp? He regrets not thanking her. He was too disturbed by the horror of the Holocaust, and wants to find her or her relatives.

I should add–I don’t want to make this sound like a movie plot (I told Prof his life contained at least two movie plots worth of things), but the date changed his entire life. It’s why he switched his major from English History to German History.

He had to understand how people could do that. And now he does, and he teaches it.

It would be incredible to find her.

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