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11 Cheshvan! Blessings for you all!

Cheshvan is a beautiful month… in the Northwest Coast of North America, it is a month of rain, and rain is a blessing from the Creator that also represents His mercy.

And although Marcheshvan doesn’t have any holidays, that’s not true… I was born on this month! And Rachel imeinu, our Matriarch, has her Yartzeit in this month too. Sometimes no holiday means it is a month of resting, a “Shabbat” of months. And of course, Cheshvan begins with ח, which has the same numerical value as 8… the 8th month in the Hebrew year from Nisan.

So on behalf of my Hebrew birthday, I wish you all many blessings for this week! Shavua tov!

(And don’t forget about Sigd on 29th of Cheshvan!)

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