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10 years ago today, I exited the mikveh after starting and stopping the conversion process 3 times.

In the years since then, I’ve:

-gone on Birthright
-modded this sub and befriended many of you
-made Pesach on my own every year but one
-married a Jew and built a Jewish home
-taken a Biblical Hebrew ulpan
-had an adult bat mitzvah
-visited Israel with my husband
-built a sukkah
-chanted Torah and given divrei Torah for my community while the rabbi was on parental leave
-held my breath during my son’s bris and sighed in relief when we were told our second was a girl
-taught in religious schools
-become a Zionist
-finally figured out how to make challah
-become a mikveh lady
-kashered my kitchen
-sent my kids to Jewish preschools and summer camp
-sighed in relief and with a sense of accomplishment every time my kids say their favorite day is Shabbat

I remember telling my beit din that I worried I would feel like a fraud for the rest of my life, that it -Judaism, the Jewish people, the Jewish identity – would never truly feel mine.

To all on the path of conversion, stick with it. It’s hard, it’s long. It may have loops and pauses and departures that you didn’t anticipate. It’s not easy to become a member of another people, but I couldn’t imagine my life with another tribe, another rhythm of life, another way of being and living. Thank you to the many of you here who have welcomed me, helped me become more observant, and shared your Judaism with me.

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