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1. I’ve been reading a little on Judaism and God just keeps going back to Israel not matter what they do, my question is does God loves jews more than non-Jews?

  1. Also, I asked a question about satan last time. Another thing that bothers me is that if Satan is just taking instructions from God and doesn’t really have free will, why would God tell satan to lure the Jewish kings to offer their children to Molech? Why would God simply test the Jews when in fact innocent jewish babies were burnt alive to see whether they would betray God.

  2. If there is good then the lack of good is what creates bad. But if God is good, are you saying there is no embodiment of the bad like Satan? What about gods like Baal and Molech are they not satan or are they not real?

I’ve come from a Christian background, but have been intrigued by Judaism that’s why I seem confused.

I hope my questions are clear.

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